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About Us


About Us

Rural Women and Girls AIDS Net Work Uganda, (RWGANET), is an Independent non-political, Non-profit, Non-Government, Community Based Organization, founded in 2013 by a number of Widows who aimed at defending the rights and promoting Justice, through rendering a Holistic service to Orphans Vulnerable Children, affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. RWGANET is registered with Busia District local government with (RegNo. 005017018), and with Registrar of companies in Uganda (RegNo: 80020000555931).  It carries out developmental activities impacting on all irrespective of color, age, religion, sex or political affiliation and is located in Kisenyi A, Western Division, Busia Municipality with in Busia District, Eastern Region of Uganda.

Coverage area

Currently, RWGANET   supports beneficiairies from over 50 communities with in Busia District

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To transform the marginalized and vulnerable Communities from dependency syndrome to self-reliance.


A Health community of, widows, orphans, vulnerable, disabled, people Living with HIV/AIDS empowered, with; Educational, Health, Socio- economic support through capacity building of communities in response to all forms of vulnerability.


  1. .Provide services that promote Socio-economic empowerment and participation of special interest groups such as women, youth, Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs), elderly and People with Disabilities (PWDs).
  2. Contribute towards the prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission and Improve standards of living of persons affected and infected.
  3. Provide services that promote mainstreaming of Primary HealthCare, Nutrition, Gender, Human Rights, Child protection, ethics, integrity, Governance, participation, Socio-Accountability fight against the killer diseases and Adult literacy in developmental Programs.
  4. To promotea health Christian environment empowered by Christian Ministries.

“Empowering and transforming lives for a better future.