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WASH in School  is one of the key project pillars  in RWGANET,  aiming  at supporting  schools with Handwashing  facilities , Menstrual Hygiene  and Sanitation Management  , Latrine  construction  and Drilling of clean and Safe  Water well in Rural communities . Currently  RWGANET  is supporting a few   Rural schools with Handwashing  facilities as a means of causing an end to  infectious disease due to contact with fecal matter , promoting personal hygiene , and improving on the Standard Operation Measures  against COVID 19 of hand washing .

 In spite of our interventions  , many  Rural  schools  need   more support of Handwashing  facilities, this calls for  networking and lobbying  from developmental partners .

Most girls are stigmatized because of lack of  education  and hygiene management thus  forced  to drop out of  school , lack of  sanitary items and lack of Washroom facilities  at their schools  ,  most  girls in   Rural schools in Busia   live   with    impoverished care givers who can hardly   provide them with  a Menstrual sanitary towel each month

 Consequently,   several  have dropped out of schools ,   lured  into  child marriage , prostitution  basically  to raise money  and purchase 1 menstrual  sanitary  towel.  It’s so sad , that hundreds have lost their academic careers , infected with sexually transmitted diseases while others are young mothers in miserable marriages .

According to field of life

In response ,RWGANET  has reached out some few adolescent girls in rural primary  schools with  a few  menstrual  sanitary towels, which are not enough  for the big population. This calls   for networking  and lobbying from developmental partners for the continuous  thriving of the project  interventions.

 Our major objectives  are :   Promote retention of the girl child  in class and school  enabling  her to improve on   academic performance  to achieve  the desired  GOAL. , end all forms of  child marriage  and abuse , empower them with  skills  in making  reusable sanitary  towels and knowledge on menstrual  hygiene , sanitation, and management  and reaching  1000 adolscent girls with Reusable Sanitary Towels  by the end of 2021.